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MeeraSight - Ocular Surface Treatment

Ocular Surface services 

The Ocular surface includes the surface of cornea, conjunctiva, the tear film and the organs responsible for maintenance of this tear film which includes glands producing tears and the eyelids. A healthy tear film is required to keep the surface of cornea smooth and wet which is very important for clear vision.

Ocular Surface Disease (OSD), also commonly known as Dry Eye Disease (DED), is a very complex condition that is chronic and progressive and it affects the most superficial layer of the eye, i.e., the surface of the eye. More than half of those suffering from this condition do not report symptoms, especially in the early stages but their advanced stages can be very severe which can lead to blindness also. If an ocular surface disease is identified early, when mild, it is easier to treat, helping to slow the progression.

Common ocular surface diseases are:

  • Dry eye Disease

  • Stevens Johnson Syndrome

  • Chemical injuries

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Ocular allergies

MeeraSight - Ocular surface diseases treatment

OSD can occur in anyone. However, risk factors include increased age, female gender, and low intake of omega-3 fatty acids, antihistamine use, connective tissue diseases, prior LASIK, diabetes, prolonged computer work, chemotherapy and changes in the environment.


Successful management of ocular surface disorders can be difficult. Many conditions, such as allergic eye diseases, are chronic. Symptoms can often be controlled but not completely eliminated. Relapse and flare-ups are also common, and most treatments require the involvement of the patient over a long period of time.


At MeeraSight the treatments offered for these diseases include medication, special contact lenses along with complex and specialized surgeries like Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation (SLET), Mucous membrane grafting, Amniotic membrane grafting and artificial cornea / Keratoprosthesis surgeries for terminally blind patients.

Dr.Sonia Sharma has a special interest in treating these disorders and among very few eye surgeons who have been trained for above specialized surgeries.

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